Help Yourself Adjust To Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid HelpGetting new hearing aids is an exciting time, but it may be harder than you expect. It takes time to adjust to using hearing aids, not only because of the physical sensation of having them in your ears, but also because of the sudden influx of sound your brain has to process. Rather than getting discouraged during your adjustment period, use these tips to smooth the transition.

1. Remember that although your hearing aids will help you hear better, they won’t fully restore your hearing. You shouldn’t expect to hear perfectly, and adjusting your expectations will help you avoid severe disappointment.

2. It takes your brain time to adjust to hearing all the sounds your hearing aids will pick up. In particular, background noise like a clicking computer keyboard, flushing toilet, blowing fan, or rustling papers may seem overwhelming at first. Remind yourself that your brain will eventually adjust to hearing these sounds again, but the adjustment may take a month or more.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear your hearing aids just a few hours each day. You don’t have to wear them all day, which may be mentally exhausting, but you should at least put them on for a bit each day. If certain situations overwhelm you, choose quieter settings for using your hearing aids at first.

4. Your voice may sound funny at first because you’re used to hearing it mostly internally, instead of having the external sound as well. You’ll readjust to hearing yourself speak within a few weeks, so don’t worry about it.

5. Make a follow-up appointment with your audiologist about a month after you start wearing hearing aids. This gives you a chance to ask questions and fine-tune the hearing aids if needed.

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